Carmen Smith

Carmen Smith, Sydney, NSW

Discipline: I compete in dressage and teach natural horsemanship.

Career Highlight: Traveling from Sydney to Cairns on the road with my three horses and teaching along the way.

Best Horse: Chance

Why do you choose Farmalogic products?

I love Farmalogic products because they work! They are simple to use, easy to purchase and are a one stop shop. I can choose the vitamin and minerals that suit my needs all in one bucket, and add any extra supplements that they need as individuals. And your professional presentation and customer service is always always shared with me from students about how helpful the Farmalogic team are.  Q7: I currently use Premium blend, every day. Rejuvenate probably twice a month at the moment and Graze Aid every day. Q8: no other sponsors Q9: yes I agree to terms and conditions

How did you first get started on Farmalogic products?

I first got started looking for an easy to use product whilst traveling that would be easy to purchase on the road and only be one bucket to carry on the road and Tegan Ford recommended me to try Farmalogic EVM and I have not looked back since!

Which products do you use?

I currently use EVM Premium Blend and Grazaid daily, and I use Rejuvenate about twice a month, as needed.

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