David May


David May, Kangarilla SA

Discipline: Breeder of Spanish and Baroque Andalusion horses.

Career Highlight: I used ride show jumping horses to 1.3m and was an A grade polocrosse player, now I find highlights in working with young stock and seeing them progress. I was pleased to achieve National Champion Andalusian Part Bred and Champion Andalusian Stallian at the Adelaide Royal Breed show in 2019.

Best Horses: Noble Shadow Jarnica, Brin Atrasardo, Brin Tio, Clarridge and Willow Lodge Angas.

Why do you choose Farmalogic products?

The Farmalogic range consists of high quality, evidence based products that are simple and easy to use. They create a calm body and mind in the horses I am working with. I love the reliable delivery of the products to my door and the affordability of them too.

How did you first get started on Farmalogic products?

I was introduced by a friend and attended a presentation given locally at the Kangarilla Pony Club about equine nutrition. Following a Free Horse Diet Analysis, I realised how much money I would save by increasing the horses vitamins using Equine Vit&Min Supplements and hay and reducing hard feed volume.

Which products do you use?

Daily I use EVM EssentialsFarmalogic Grazaid and Farmalogic ReFlex. I’m finding that the young horses are more comfortable within themselves, no longer hot in temperament and more generally well-adjusted since starting them on Farmalogic products.

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