Donna Brister


Donna Brister,  Traralgon, VIC

Discipline: Previously Dressage & Breed Showing, now Western Performance

Career Highlight: Taking a Friesian to top 3 in show at Melbourne Summer Royal 3 consecutive years in a row is a notable highlight. After switching disciplines in early 2019, we achieved two wins in open classes against pro riders at our first western show!

Best Horse: BR Cromed out Cash

Why do you choose Farmalogic products?

They are the first quality product that I’ve used in over 30 years of horse ownership that visibly show a change in my horses, both physically and mentally. The Farmalogic product range is not only backed by science, they actually work!

How did you first get started on Farmalogic products?

I was looking for a vitamin and mineral supplement that was equal to what I was currently feeding, but offered better cost value as I was feeding 23 horses at the time…

Which products do you use?

Equine Vit&Min Premium Blend, Farmalogic Omega Balancer, Farmalogic Grazaid and Farmalogic Rejuvenate. I’ve never seen my Friesian stallion so black, nor stay that way all year round. Even when clipped you can’t see a difference due simply to the magic combination of EVM and Omega Balancer, who would have thought it that easy!

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