Gabby Jarret

Gabby Jarret, Townsville, QLD

Discipline: Pony Dressage and Eventing.

Career Highlight: Either attending 3 national championships with my little rescue pony competing from novice to medium, or winning our class at the Queensland eventing state championships on my pony I’ve brought along from a breaker!

Best Horse: Jilly – my 12yo rescue pony who is competing at medium level dressage and training advanced!
Gryff – my 8yo welsh cob who is training elementary dressage and competing novice as well as training intro eventing!

Why do you choose Farmalogic products?

I choose Farmalogic products because I wholeheartedly believe they are the best products on the market for the health and well-being of my horses. Each product I use has proved in many ways to be extremely beneficial to both my ponies, and they are thriving thanks to Farmalogic products! Since incorporating these products into their diets, they have phenomenal quality coats and hooves, my pony with itch is very easily managed, and they have a happier gut that copes with stress much easier than before.

How did you first get started on Farmalogic products?

I saw Farmalogic products at a local feed store, and I had learnt the value in ensuring your horses diet is balanced at university, so I did my research on it compared to other products on the market and decided to give it a try. I had fed two different balancers in the past but assumed it was just something you did for their health but you didn’t necessarily see any physical changes – but I was proven wrong once I started to see a change in my mare after introducing EVM into her diet.

Which products do you use?

I use EVM Premium Blend daily, Omega Balancer daily, and a maintenance dose of Rejuvenate daily. When preparing for a competition, a move, or anything I know may stress them out, I up their dose of Rejuvenate and also feed ReLeaf in the lead up to an event, and for a few days following. I also use B Good Paste for my gelding at competitions, and keep a bag of Melox on hand in case of a compromise in their health, to be able to feed it as soon as any issue comes up.

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