Holly Adler

Holly Adler

Discipline: Dressage, Showing, Eventing.

Career Highlight: Qualifying for Canberra Royal and competing at the SPPHA State Championships in 2018.

Best Horse: The Ethletic (Benny), who is a promising little 5yo with buckets of ability and potential.

Why do you choose Farmalogic products?

Because my horses thrive on them! They cut my feed bill right down, it’s super easy to keep the horses in a show condition without feeding them to the eyeballs. The Farmalogic Equine Vit&Min range cover all of our needs and Farmalogic Rejuvenate helps our horses cope with the massive trips we undertake. We also love the support of the Farmalogic family.

How did you first get started on Farmalogic products?

I first heard about Farmalogic EVM in 2016 and thought I’d give it a crack seeing how good the reviews are and how fabulous the horses looked! And I haven’t looked back since!

Which products do you use?

I use the Equine Vit&Min Premium Balancer Pellets and EVM Essentials and Farmalogic Rejuvenate.

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