Emma Jenkin

Emma Jenkin, Melbourne, VIC

Discipline: Showjumping

Career Highlight: My career highlight is winning state championship on my previous standardbred who I trained from the track up. I’ve also had several placings at Boneo SJ that I have been pleased with.

Best Horse: Serena a thoroughbred mare and Hughy a warmblood young horse.

Why do you choose Farmalogic products?

I love Farmalogic products because the results speak for themselves! My horses have never been thriving the way they do now. They are shiny, healthy and content. I have the comfort of knowing I’m feeding them supplements that are scientifically proven.

How did you first get started on Farmalogic products?

A friend referred me onto Farmalogic products almost 6 years ago now and I haven’t looked back since!

Which products do you use?

I feed Omega 3 PLUS daily and Farmalogic Rejuvenate leading into competitions.

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