Provide farm animals with prebiotics and probiotics for gut support, especially during times of stress.

Rejuvenate for Ruminants

Rejuvenate helps to optimise rumen pH, reducing risk of rumen acidosis and increases fibre digestibility. It improves feed use efficiency, milk yield & quality, and allows for earlier & safer weaning.

Rejuvenate improves intestinal maturity, increases average daily gain, improves performance during heat stress, and stimulates the immune system.

Recommended for gut support during:

  • Antibiotic Use
  • Transport
  • Scouring
  • High grain diets
  • Showing
  • Mustering
  • Weaning & Calving
  • Illness & Surgery
  • Sudden Feed Changes


Rejuvenate for Poultry

Rejuvenate helps to stabilises gut flora and lower pathogenic pressure to enhance health and performance. It can improve both intestinal maturity and performance during heat stress. Rejuvenate stimulates the immune system. Use during showing, breeding and hot weather.

Recommended for gut support during:

  • Antibiotic Use
  • Transport
  • Showing
  • In Crowded Pens
  • Illness or Diarrhea
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Directions for Use

Feed daily for maintenance or add to ration during times of stress such as breeding, calving, weaning, showing, transport, yard work, new arrivals, antibiotic use, immune challenge.

Rejuvenate may be mixed with bulk grain or added to an individual feed


15 – 30 g/head/day OR  5 – 10 kg/tonne grain

Sheep & Goats

4 – 8 g/head/day OR  4 – 8 kg /tonne grain


30 g Rejuvenate per 1 kg of feed


30 – 60 g/head/day

Spoon included in pack holds 30g.

Animals should be fed a correctly formulated diet containing adequate energy, protein, vitamins, fatty acids and a balanced mineral profile. Farmalogic Rejuvenate may be fed in conjunction with vitamin and mineral or omega-3 supplements. Always provide clean, fresh water.

Rejuvenate is available as a powder in 300g, 1.2kg and 10kg packs, as well as a 60g paste in a tube!


Prebiotic fibre, MOS, two strains of heat protected live yeast, aluminosilicates, green apple flavour.

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