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Don’t know if the advice you’re getting on social media, at the stables or from friends is accurate? Farmalogic believes in bettering the lives of all horses by providing free, accurate nutrition information. Search our Nutrition Library for science-backed nutritional information on feeds, ingredients, feeding and health conditions.

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Our approach to Equine Nutrition

We believe that feeding horses should be as simple as ABC. The Equine Vit&Min blends have been designed to simplify horse feeding and to remove the expensive duplication often encountered in horse diets. It gives you, the owner, power to choose your horse’s energy needs to suit its work level whilst providing peace of mind that all vitamin and mineral requirements are met.

The philosophy of our feeding system is based on recommendations of expert scientists from The National Research Council (NRC), an American based body which was established in 1916. The NRC was formed by the National Academy of Sciences which is a private, non-profit society of distinguished scholars engaged in scientific, medical and engineering research, dedicated to the furtherance of science and technology and to using information to promote general welfare. NRC publications are highly valued and considered credible because of their reputation for providing independent and objective advice with high standards of scientific and technical quality. The NRC Committee on the Nutrient Requirements of Horses consists of expert scientists representing 10 universities from the USA, Canada, and the UK. This team of highly qualified experts reviews scientific research relevant to equine nutrition to determine recommendations about what horses need as well as the nutritional value of a range of feedstuffs.

The logic behind the development of Equine Vit&Min was to examine a wide variety of Australian horse diets and compare them to the NRC recommendations to see what the dietary shortfalls are. The vitamins and minerals that were lower than the NRC recommendations have been included in Equine Vit&Min in such a way that they not only provide 100% of recommended daily intake but so that they also balance the key mineral ratios of the entire diet. So when you are considering what supplement to feed your horse, rather than think about how much each product costs, or even how they compare, you first need to know what your horse NEEDS from a supplement. Once you know how many grams or milligrams of each vitamin and mineral you need to add to your horses daily intake, the selection of the most appropriate supplement becomes a logical process.

Equine Vit&Min gives you the freedom to raise or lower your horse’s energy level, without having to change feeds whilst knowing that vitamin and mineral requirements are ALL being met.