A little history

In 2008, an Australian agricultural scientist with a passion for both animal nutrition and dressage horses designed a vitamin and mineral blend to meet the needs of her own breeding and performance horses. Soon, friends were buying it for their horses, then friends of friends wanted it too. Farmalogic was founded in 2013 as demand for the supplement that became Equine Vit&Min expanded, spread by word of mouth.

The product range has expanded over time to better meet the needs of our customers. All diet-balancing products are formulated from first principals and tested over hundreds of diet variations to ensure optimal nutritional balance. Our range of nutraceutical solutions are formulated from ingredients scientifically proven to improve the health and well-being of horses, dogs, poultry, sheep, cattle and goats.

Larissa Bilston, Farmalogic

Discover the Farmalogic difference

Farmalogic is now a leading supplier of innovative nutritional solutions for animal health. Our products are recommended by vets, breeders, farriers, body workers, professional trainers, riders, pet and horse lovers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Farmalogic maintains a strong educational focus and help individual horse owners understand how good nutrition and nutraceuticals can promote the health and well-being of their animals based on sound scientific logic.

We’ve earned our reputation as one of Australia’s most trusted brands because Farmalogic products are formulated with scientifically-proven ingredients that reliably deliver promised results. We offer exceptional before and after-sales service to ensure our customers know what, how, when and how much you need to achieve your desired results. As an Australian-owned and operated small business, we genuinely care about you and your horse and pets.

Meet the Team!

Meet our friendly team of experts – they’re wizards on the subject of animal nutrition, holistic animal health and customer service! Larissa, Sharon and Lauren have owned, ridden and loved horses all their lives. With our combined horse ownership exceeding 100 years, our team has the practical experience, understanding and technical expertise to provide accurate advice you can trust.

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Larissa Bilston, BAgrSc (Hons) is our Senior Nutritionist, co-founder and co-owner. She has owned horses since her adored grandfather purchased her first pony when she was a horse-mad 7 year old. The horse-riding bug was alight, and Larissa has never grown out of it! When she was at University Larissa’s passion for animal nutrition began, and she worked for government departments, universities and feed mills around Australia before starting Farmalogic. Originally from Victoria, Larissa lives now in Brisbane with her husband, three children and a menagerie which includes Jack Russell terriers, cats, chickens, ducks and her beloved herd of horses. 

Larissa Bilston

Senior Nutritionist

Lauren Reabel, BAppSc (Equine Sc) joined Farmalogic in 2018 after being a long-time user of EVM Premium with her homebred Warmbloods and competitive Showjumping team. Passionate about science and performance horses her whole life, it was no surprise that Lauren chose to major in Equine Science at the University of Queensland. Lauren enjoys helping horse owners to enhance the performance, health and wellbeing of horses from all disciplines. Originally from Central Queensland, Lauren and her husband now live in the Lockyer Valley. Lauren is currently completing her postgraduate studies in Animal Agricultural Biotechnology.


Lauren Reabel


Sharon Faulks is our Sales Manager, co-founder and co-owner.  Being the daughter of dairy farmers her love for all animals was harnessed at a very young age.  Her greatest enjoyment as a youngster was to jump on her pony after the morning milking and ride with friends until the cows were ready to be milked in the afternoon. Sharon has been employed in various industries using her skills in customer relations, book keeping, logistic management and sales. Sharon and her husband now live at Canungra, Queensland not far from where she grew up at Guanaba. Her love for horses has never left her in fact it’s grown from ponies to a Clyde X and Warmblood X!


Sharon Faulks

Sales Manager
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Farmalogic’s innovative nutritional solutions are recommended by vets, breeders, farriers, body workers, professional trainers, riders, pet and horse lovers throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

Our Promise to you

Farmalogic produces the finest quality nutritional supplements to enhance the performance, health and well-being of your horses, dogs, poultry, and stud farm animals.

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“Wonderful communication and service. Seeing results in my horses, and having a quantifiable dosage per day of balanced vitamins and minerals is very reassuring. Great products!” ~ Damien Salvatore.

We are also available to provide presentations and horse nutrition workshops at riding clubs, pony clubs, store information evenings or at instruction clinics. Please contact us to invite us to an event.