Farmalogic Melox Antioxidants - Comprehensive Health, Immunity and Performance Support

Farmalogic Melox is a powerful antioxidant supplement formulated to support overall health and performance in horses. Packed with potent antioxidants, including vitamin E in its natural form, vitamin C, organic selenium, and bioflavonoids, Melox helps combat oxidative stress and free radical damage. Free radicals occur after heavy work, stress and exposure to toxins – these contribute to inflammation, immune dysfunction, and reduced performance.

Give your horses the antioxidant support they need to thrive with Farmalogic Melox Antioxidants.

Key Features:

  • Antioxidant Protection: Melox delivers a concentrated blend of antioxidants that help neutralise harmful free radicals, protecting cells and tissues from oxidative damage and promoting overall health.
  • Inflammation Management: By reducing oxidative stress, Melox supports healthy inflammatory responses in horses, helping to alleviate discomfort and support joint health and mobility. Useful to support horses with illness, injury and gastric ulcers. Recommended for all equine athletes and aging horses.
  • Immune System Support: Antioxidants play a crucial role in supporting immune function, helping horses maintain robust defences against infections and illnesses, especially during periods of stress or competition.
  • Performance Enhancement: With its comprehensive antioxidant support, Melox contributes to improved stamina, muscle recovery, and overall performance in horses, allowing them to excel in training, competition, or daily activities. Melox can be added to the diet to support stallion fertility.
  • Respiratory Health: Antioxidants support airway health in horses by neutralising harmful free radicals that can contribute to airway inflammation and oxidative stress, helping to maintain optimal respiratory function and performance.

Why Choose Farmalogic Melox Antioxidants:

  • Scientifically Formulated: Developed by equine nutrition experts, Melox is formulated based on the latest research in antioxidant nutrition, ensuring optimal effectiveness and performance enhancement.
  • Trusted Quality: Farmalogic products undergo stringent quality testing to ensure purity, potency, and safety, providing you with peace of mind about your horse’s nutrition.
  • Proven Results: Trusted by horse owners and professionals for over a decade, Melox has a track record of success in promoting overall health and performance, backed by countless satisfied customers.

How to Use:

Simply add the recommended serve of Farmalogic Melox Antioxidants directly into your horse’s feed according to the provided instructions. Use consistently to provide ongoing antioxidant support and promote your horse’s overall health and performance.

Invest in your horse’s health and performance with Farmalogic Melox Antioxidants.

With its potent blend of antioxidants, this supplement helps protect against oxidative stress, inflammation, and immune dysfunction. Give your horses the antioxidant support they need to thrive with Melox today.

Available in 300 g, 1.2 kg and 4.8 kg foil sachets and in 15 kg buckets.

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Directions for Use

Horses: 15 grams per day

Ponies: 7 grams per day

Spoon in pack holds approximately 15 grams of Melox.

The amount can be doubled prior to strenuous exercise and during times of high stress or immune challenge. Melox can be used on a daily basis in senior horses to provide extra nutritional requirements.

Best results are obtained when used as part of a diet with correct mineral balance. Can be fed in conjunction with multi-vitamin and mineral supplements such as Equine Vit&Min. Can be fed with mineral-fortified bagged feeds. This product contains selenium. Do not exceed the stated dose and frequency. Do not use at the same time as any other selenite fertiliser, prill or product without consulting a veterinarian. If blood selenium levels are high this product should not be used. Always ensure horses have access to fresh, clean water and a source of free choice salt.

Melox does not contain substances prohibited by the rules of racing and FEI competitions.


Contains natural-sourced vitamin E, vitamin C, organic selenium yeast, yeast derivatives, freeze-dried melon fruit (a rich source of natural antioxidants).

Contains 76.6 mg/kg selenium as selenomethionine.

Pricing Information

Pack sizeRRPAIRR codeED codeServes/Pack
300g43.9525304AFM30020 - 40
1.2 kg129.9524592AFM90080 - 160
4.8kg389.95Special OrderSpecial Order320 - 640
15kg999.9524741Special Order1000 - 2000

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Can I Purchase Melox Equine Antioxidant Online?

Melox Equine Antioxidant is available to purchase online through Farmalogic. Head to our shop page today to start shopping!