Farmalogic Mega-B Boosta for Horses - Vitality and Performance Enhancement

Farmalogic Mega-B Boosta is a high-potency B-vitamin supplement designed to boost vitality and enhance performance in horses. This advanced formula contains a concentrated blend of B-complex vitamins, including B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12, which play essential roles in energy metabolism, nerve function, maintaining appetite and overall well-being. Give your horse the energy and support they need to excel in training, competition, or everyday activities with Farmalogic Mega-B Boosta.

Key Features:

  • Vitality Enhancement: Mega-B Boosta provides a potent dose of B-vitamins, which are essential for energy production and metabolism in horses, promoting vitality and stamina.
  • Performance Support: The concentrated B-complex formula supports nerve function and muscle health, helping horses perform at their peak during intense training sessions or competitions. Stimulates appetite. Probiotics assist with recovery from intense exercise.
  • Stress Management: B-vitamins, prebiotics and probiotics are known for their role in stress management and nervous system health, helping horses cope with the demands of training, travel, or environmental stressors.
  • Convenient Liquid Form: Mega-B Boosta comes in an easy-to-administer liquid form, making it simple to add to your horse’s daily feed for hassle-free supplementation.

Why Choose Farmalogic Mega-B Boosta:

  • Scientifically Formulated: Developed by equine nutrition experts, Mega-B Boosta is formulated based on the latest research in B-vitamin nutrition, ensuring optimal effectiveness and performance enhancement.
  • Trusted Quality: Farmalogic products undergo stringent quality testing to ensure purity, potency, and safety, providing you with peace of mind about your horse’s nutrition.
  • Proven Results: Trusted by horse owners and professionals for over a decade, Mega-B Boosta has a track record of success in boosting vitality and supporting performance, backed by countless satisfied customers.

How to Use:

Stir thoroughly to disperse sediment and shake well before use. Simply add the recommended serve of Farmalogic Mega-B Boosta directly into your horse’s feed according to the provided instructions. Use consistently to maintain optimal B-vitamin levels and support your horse’s vitality and performance.

Elevate your horse’s vitality and performance with Farmalogic Mega-B Boosta.

With its concentrated blend of B-complex vitamins, prebiotics and probiotics, this supplement provides essential support for energy metabolism, nerve function, gut health and overall well-being, ensuring your horses performs at their best in any situation. Give your horses the edge they need to excel with Mega-B Boosta today.

Farmlogic Mega-B Boosta is available in 80 ml (2 – 4 serves) or 480 ml (16 – 32 serves). Find your nearest retailer or purchase online through our online store.

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Directions for Use

Stir thoroughly to disperse sediment and shake well. Give day before and after racing, 1-4 hours before intense training sessions, or use 3 times per week for picky eaters and horses experiencing stress. Do not feed more than 40 ml per day.

Horses: 40 ml per day

Ponies: 20 ml per day

Does not contain substances prohibited by the rules of racing and FEI competitions.


Vitamins B1 2000mg, B2 500mg, B3 120mg, B5 140mg, B6 140mg, B9 100mg, B12 5000mcg, Saccharomcyces cerevisiae live yeast, S. boulardii live yeast, MOS, prebiotic fibre.

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Can I Purchase Mega B Boosta Paste Online?

Mega B Boosta Paste is available to purchase online through Farmalogic. Head to our shop page today to start shopping!