Kristy-Lee Brilliant


Kristy-Lee Brilliant, Yarra Valley Victoria

Discipline: Professional Dressage

Career Highlight: Being named on the Victorian High Performance Squad and placing 5th in the Youth World Challenge at the Australian Dressage Championships

Best Horse: This is a hard question because every horse has been great in their own right. As far as success goes I competed Cooparitz and Revelwood Marmaduke the most. But in terms of horses that have shown the best talent for Grand Prix my current horse Carrerai is my fave.

Why do you choose Farmalogic products?

One word… trust.

I trust Farmalogic products because I know they are high quality and only use the best ingredients, that work. I trust the science and the people behind the products. I trust the brand and have built that trust through my experiences with Farmalogic since 2015 when I began using their products day in and day out.

How did you first get started on Farmalogic products?

I first started with the Equine Vit&Min Premium Blend as I wanted a vitamin and mineral supplement. Premium Blend certainly speaks for itself with how amazing my horses look and the noticeable reduction in feed cost.

Which products do you use?

EVM Premium Blend, Farmalogic ReFlex and Farmalogic ReLeaf daily and I use Farmalogic Melox when an antioxidant is needed, after hard sessions. I also have Farmalogic Grazaid on hand all the time for when mycotoxins become an issue. I have Farmalogic Omega Balancer on hand which I add into my horses diets towards the end of summer when the grass becomes brown.

However the ReFlex is probably my favourite given that it seems to be the only oral joint supplement that works and it is the only one that combines all the essential ingredients such as glucosamine and other anti-inflammatory ingredients, vitamin C, omegas etc PLUS oral HA. I haven’t seen any others do that! I use the ReFlex on our dogs too, my old dog can get quite lame and stiff, we just sprinkle some on top of her biscuits and the difference is amazing. We always see the difference when she hasn’t had any for a few days because she goes back to hobbling around.

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