Rianna Percy


Rianna Percy, Melbourne, VIC

Discipline: Showing & Dressage

Career Highlight: There are lots of memorable competition wins but probably winning the 2014 Victorian Show Horse Young Rider of the Year is still a highlight. Representing Victoria at the EA Show Horse Nationals in the Large Hunter is another highlight. Training my current horse RVL Radiant aka Roger from a 2.5 year old through to PSG is a very proud highlight for me given how talented and difficult he is.

Best Horse: RVL Radiant (Roger)

Why do you choose Farmalogic products?

The product range is very comprehensive. For my situation I like the simplicity of feeding a supplement I can adjust according to what vitamins and minerals the horses are getting from their feed and pasture. This ensures I’m not doubling up but still can be confident my horses are getting everything they need to be both healthy and perform at their best all while looking incredible. I have enjoyed watching the Farmalogic product range expand and continue to encompass more aspects of the equestrian world during my time as a member of the Farmalogic team for the past 6 years. They offer a range of products suited to all disciplines, levels and situations so I know that there is always a product there that can help.

How did you first get started on Farmalogic products?

I was looking for a complete supplement for the horses to top up what they were naturally getting from their day to day feeds and to help my horses perform at their best and be happy and content from the inside out. At the time (2014) Equine Vit&Min was just starting on the market and after getting a diet analysis and speaking to the team I was sold. The Farmalogic range offered a way for me to ensure all the vitamin and mineral requirements of my horses were being met and the products are both cost effective and simple to feed. I joined the Farmalogic Ambassador Team in 2016 and the support base from the Farmalogic Team is invaluable. Collectively we all have a vast array of experience with horses and differently disciplines. If there’s something you’re unsure about or want to bounce ideas off- it’s likely someone in the team can help!

Which products do you use?

EVM Omega 3 Plus is my staple and all my horses are on it daily. I feed Farmalogic ReFlex to the high level competition horses daily.  I add Farmalogic Rejuvenate, on a maintenance dose for an ulcer prone thoroughbred and as needed for the competition horses or in times of stress. I use  Farmalogic Grazaid and Farmalogic Melox as needed.

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