Martine Melton


Martine Melton, Cheltenham, VIC

Discipline: Miniature Horses Showing and Performance

Career Highlight: National Champion Amateur Showmanship, National Champion Overall Adult Showmanship, 6 x National Showmanship titles National Supreme Junior Miniature Horse.

Best Horse: Mirrindel Remarkable Inspiration (Zara)

Why do you choose Farmalogic products?

I started using Farmalogic products in 2014 after researching the supplements available on the market at the time and found that they had the best products suited to my requirements. I was also impressed with their proven results and scientific backing. I show miniature horses in performance, showmanship and halter, both at State and National level. I have three horses, Toby who’s 15 and retired, Will who’s 6 and my performance, showmanship and halter horse, and Zara, a yearling who is my main halter horse.

Farmalogic products used?

I feed my horses EVM Omega-3 PLUS, Farmalogic ReFlex, Farmalogic Omega Balancer, Farmalogic Fat Pony, Farmalogic ReLEAF, Farmalogic Rejuvenate, and Farmalogic Melox when needed. I have just got a tube of the new Farmalogic Replenish which I can’t wait to use.

For the show ring finish, I use the Omega-3 Plus and the Omega Balancer together for the best overall amazing shiny coat and health. The Omegas are beneficial for them all due to the anti-inflammatory properties and to balance the omega 3-6 ratios. I use ReFlex on all the horses, all as a preventive at the moment. I feel that it can be supportive to their growth and preservation of joints in the older horses as well. It is beneficial to growing joints, maintaining healthy joints and aiding those older joints. I use Fat Pony on Toby and Will to help support their hind gut and to assist in the prevention of laminitis. It’s peace of mind and prevention.

I use ReLEAF for the prevention of ulcers and gut issues with Zara as she can be easily overwhelmed buy any changes in her routine. Rejuvenate and Melox are used when necessary, to support their overall health and provide pre- and pro-biotics. This is great when they are travelling, during stressful times like weaning, stabling away from home, in a new environment and after medication to help restore their gut health. I can’t wait for the warmer weather to be able to try the new Farmalogic Replenish which is an electrolyte replacer. My horses are thriving on these supplements, and Farmalogic has an extensive range to cater for everyone’s individual needs and budget. With the support offered from Farmalogic Equine Vit&Min in the way of free diet analysis and problem-solving charts, it’s very easy to balance your horses diet.

Martine was so impressed with the results that she joined the Farmalogic Equine Ambassador Team in 2016.

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