What is Farmalogic’s Auto-Delivery Service?

An Auto-Delivery is a recurring order that you schedule with us for delivery to your door at intervals you choose – so you’ll never run out of animal supplements again! To make the most of this service, simply work out how often your supplements last and set up your Auto-Delivery to top up your supply just before you run out. 

  • Our Auto-Delivery allows you to choose a delivery cycle frequency from every 2 weeks to once a year so you can set and forget!
  • Save an extra 2 – 5% off RRP with each recurring order by using our Auto-Delivery Service. 
  • You are free to cancel your Auto-Delivery any time. 
  • Auto-Delivery expires after 12 months. We will contact you with an offer to renew at this time.
  • Auto-Delivery does not apply to samples.
  • Auto-Delivery is not a fixed-price guarantee – products are subject to price changes over time. 

Auto-Delivery makes it easier and more affordable than ever to order your favourite Farmalogic and Equine Vit&Min supplements and have them automatically delivered to your door as often as you need them.

How long will my pack last?

To work out how long each pack lasts, first calculate how many grams a day you use (= serve size x number of horses). Then divide the pack size (in grams) by the amount used per day (g). Your answer tells you how many days each pack will last.

e.g. I feed 3 horses a full serve of EVM Premium Blend (60g) so every day I use 3 x 60 = 180 g.

I have a 4.8kg pack so I multiply by 1000 to convert to grams.

This pack will last 4800/180 = 26.7 days, so I will choose an Auto Delivery option of every 3 weeks to make sure I never run out. 

How can I manage my Auto Delivery orders?

We always want you to feel in control of when you receive your supplies, which is why you can modify your Auto Delivery orders any time you like. It’s easy to set a new frequency for an existing order if your circumstances change or you want to try something new. Go to My Account and select Subscriptions/Subscription Totals/Upgrade or Downgrade to manage your Auto Delivery Orders.